Message From Chairman

Prof. Dr. Mahesh Raj Dahal
Purbanchal University Service Commission

Dear All Greetings!
It is indeed a great opportunity for me to welcome and address all of you through this portal as a chairman of Purbanchal University Service Commission. The PU Service Commission was established in the year 2050 B.S. by the Act of Purbanchal University. I am very happy and overwhelmed to inform you that from this year the commission has started its responsibility of career development which was stagnant for around seventeen years due to various reasons. I want to assure all the stakeholders of this university and to the general public that this process of career development will get continuity from now onwards by which the University as a whole will have a huge advantage. With the demand of time and effect of globalization and information technology, the office of the Service commission has introduced desirable changes in the selection process and evaluation to make it adequately transparent. Launching Commission's own website for the benefit of the University as well as the public and prospective candidates. The commission is introducing an online application system shortly to ease the process of career development and to minimize the amount of paper work done currently. I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to the government of Nepal for appointing me as a chairman of Purbanchal University Service Commission and granting me a chance to serve the nation as a whole. My sincere thanks to all those who have been directly or indirectly associated with this commission for its smooth functioning in fulfilling the dreams of this University. May the PU Service commission continue to grow from strength to strength and enjoy the status and prestige.

Thank You!!